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A Halo

haloWhen I was 21 or 22, and living in Chicago in my post-college confusions and miseries, I asked my friend Ann (an artist) a question that perhaps would have been more appropriate coming from someone much younger than myself.  I asked her when she had known — known — that what she felt for her partner was love.  She was driving us both to work, at the leftie newspaper.  Ann thought about it, then said she could remember the exact moment when she knew: they were on a hill, in some grassy place, it was getting dark, and Ann suddenly perceived her girlfriend to be surrounded by light — a softness.

This description made a deep impression on me: without consciously thinking about it, I waited — for years and years — for the time when I would see that light myself.  Now I see it every day.  I can’t imagine asking for anything more.

Please Help Us Make Our New Movie!

My brother Jacob and I — who only a few short years ago collaborated on the movie Haiku Tunnel — are now working on another film, titled Love & Taxes.  It’s a sequel, of sorts, to Haiku, since it also stars me and will have many of the wonderful people working on it who were in our first film (along with a bunch of new wonderful people).  And, like Haiku, it is based on a theatrical monologue of mine — this one done in collaboration with my theatrical director, David Dower.

Working with producer Raub Shapiro, Jake and I have already done a “test shoot” of a short sequence from the film — and if my blogging skills are up to it, you can see the resulting clip (still in “rough cut”) right here:

We’re planning to shoot this film (at least to start with) as a sequence of these “test shoots” — with our hope being that they will be of good-enough quality to make up the actual movie.  And we’re trying out a new technique of raising money and awareness for our projects — by making use of a cool new website called IndieGoGo.

It would be hecksa-fantastic if you would take a few moments to click here and go to the Love & Taxes IndieGoGo page.  There (starting in the left column) you can (if you wish) donate to the production (and get a cool “perk”!), and/or sign up as our “Friend” (which, besides helping us greatly, entitles you to see the “private” documents on our page), “endorse” us, rate our project — any way that you’d like to become part of our process.

This is an exciting (and somewhat scary) experiment to see if we can make use of the power of the Internet (and of our friends) to grow a feature film entirely from the grassroots.  If we can raise $15,000 this way, we can go ahead and do another “test shoot” — an action sequence involving tax law!  (Bet you haven’t seen that before, either!)

So if you can, please do check out our IndieGoGo page — and become an integral part of creating a cool new independent film!