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My First Video Podcast!

With a lot of help from my brother Jacob and my son, Guthrie, I have somehow managed to post my first video podcast.  Be forewarned that it’s very, very, very low-tech.  Anyhow, here it is:

A few annotations: After recording the podcast, I checked out the Freedy Johnston video I mentioned — for “Bad Reputation” — and the framing issues weren’t nearly as egregious as I remembered. … Many, many thanks to my friend Anthony Sandberg, the folks at OCSC Sailing, and all those nice people on my boat. … Also, I would like to note that iMovie should not be used by people with high blood pressure or with any plans to sleep.

My tentative goal is to try to use my new Flip HD camera (which I love) to shoot a second video podcast tomorrow, commemorating Memorial Day.  I welcome — nay, crave — your comments on this one … but as noted, it’s my first time, so please try to be gentle.