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Dr. George Tiller

Video Podcast No. 3: Vigil for Dr. George Tiller

On Monday I attended a candlelight vigil for Dr. George Tiller, the slain physician from Wichita, Kansas, who had performed late-term abortions (among other vital services).  Taking place on the steps of San Francisco City Hall only a day after the murder, the event was tremendously emotional.  My friend Lisa Geduldig, a comedienne, had taken on the very serious task of organizing the vigil — and she did a terrific job.  This podcast contains excerpts from the proceedings — including, in its entirety, an extraordinary speech by author and mother Ayelet Waldman.  For reasons of timeliness — and out of respect for Dr. Tiller — I have posted this “third” podcast before my “second” one (taped a day earlier), which I will post later this week.