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What’s Cookin with Josh Kornbluth

“What’s Cookin’ with Josh Kornbluth”

Would it kill you to have lunch with me?

Would it kill you to have lunch with a nice middle-aged Jewish boy while also sipping perhaps some nice soup and possibly noshing on a bagel?

Another brainchild from my pal Dan Schifrin at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco: starting on Monday, July 12, I will be meeting all comers at the CJM’s café and … well, chatting over lunch!  If these things had been scheduled for Tuesdays, I’d been hoping for the title “Tuesdays with Joshie” — but when they settled on Mondays, that one went out the window.

So it’s “What’s Cookin’ with Josh Kornbluth” — which I think is pretty cool, too.  My plan, unless there’s a groundswell for another topic, is to begin talking about Practice, my (maybe) next piece, which (perhaps) will focus on my continuing attempts to play the oboe.  We can talk about our musical experiences — painful and otherwise — and also about the whole idea of “practice,” in all its musical, spiritual, and (who knows?) maybe even medical aspects.

The thing starts at noon and ends at 2.  Just get something to eat and/or drink and hang out with me.  Info (such as it is) here. I don’t know what will happen, either!