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My first column in Tikkun!

5_cover_jul2010I’m honored to have a humor piece in the current issue of the great Tikkun magazine!  In a caring universe, this will turn out to be the first of a series; at least, such is the plan.  This one purportedly presents excerpts from the diary of a man who has been haunted for most of his life by his inability to find the afikomen (a piece of matzah that is hidden from children during the Passover Seder).  Here are a couple of excerpts:

March 28, 1964: Father has been acting quite secretive this week — I think he’s obsessed with hiding the afikomen so I can’t find it this time.  Last year he seemed disappointed that I found it so quickly — also, that I wasn’t so thrilled with my present, a simple yo-yo that I felt unsuitable for a sophisticated five-year-old such as myself.

*        *        *

June 11, 1964: It has been a week now since I ran away from home.  A rabbi on my boxcar told me that the deadline for finding the afikomen is actually midnight on the day of the Seder — which, if true, would render moot my entire quest.  I suspect, however, that this “rabbi” may really be just a hobo with a big beard.

*        *        *

You can read the whole thing — plus other pieces that are far more substantive! — in Tikkun‘s July/August issue, available now on newsstands (there are still newsstands, aren’t there?) and online (where you can download the full issue for $5 — such a deal!).