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Archive for April, 2011

I and Thou, in Passing

I was trundling down the street here in Berkeley late last night.  I’d just flown in from a gig, so I had a big rolling suitcase and a knapsack.  I was also balancing a pizza box on my hip, as I’d picked up some long-awaited dinner.  A woman was coming towards me on the sidewalk, moving slowly, on crutches.  Maybe she had a garbage bag over her shoulder.  (It was dark.)  Intent on getting home, I rushed past her, narrowly averting a crash into a garbage can as the suitcase and the pizza box threw off my balance.  I suppose I also was mildly worried that the woman would ask me for something, like my pizza.  I just wanted to get home.  From behind me, I heard her voice ring out: “That takes talent!”  I laughed.  She had reminded me of our humanity.